Regardless of which retailer you purchased your flat pack kitchen from, whether it be a major retailer like IKEA or HOWDENS, B & Q or smaller independent, why not let our friendly flat pack assembly team professionally assist you by assembling and installing your flat pack kitchen at a time that best suits you.

Assembly And Installation

When it comes to Ikea kitchens or Flatpack kitchens, we provide a professional assembly and installation service that assists you from initial planning stages right through to seeing your creative vision being completed using our skilled tradespersons.


Accurately measuring your kitchen space is an important step towards success. Our professional installers will assist in measuring your kitchen space including location of windows, doors, exhaust ventilation, plumbing, electrical outlets, special wall and floor angles and architectural features.


Flat pack kitchens is designed to save you money by keeping shipping costs to a minimum. However, it also means a lot of self-assembly work is required using step-by-step paper instructions included within the packaging.


Measuring and drawing the position of your cabinets on the wall ensures everything will fit and uneven spots are smoothed out using putty or various shims. Uneven floors and right-angled corners are checked using laser spirit levels and try-squares. Electronic stud finders can be used for identifying behind-the-wall electrical cables and structural beams for hanging wall-mounted cabinets.


This is the visible and most often used part of any flat pack kitchen design. It is best to hire professionals to perform this process whom will accurately cut out holes for fitting of sinks and cooktops, check fitment of oven, dishwasher and feature lighting.  We have a joiner available to undertake this work.


This process involves fitting and aligning of doors, adjustable shelving, pullout drawers, and interior accessories like rotating pull-out storage, wire baskets, and cabinet feature lighting.


Cutting of the kickboard base plinths, wall cabinet deco moulding strips and cornices can be quite challenging for the unskilled person, particularly when special cutting angles or uneven floor surfaces are involved. These require specialty cutting tools that canbe set at a pre-determined angle. Attaching door handles evenly on each cabinet is best performed using templates pre-fabricated on-site ensuring door's finished surface does not splinter when being drilled.


We GUARANTEE the quality of our work. From time to time problems will occur and where practical, remedial action will be undertaken to rectify any problems ASAP. If we damage your kitchen and cannot make an agreeable repair we will replace the damaged part.


Currently we offer a full service for the whole Chester and surrounding villages..



Relax whilst your new furniture is being assembled with utmost care.

Avoid frustration of interpreting and understanding complicated instruction manuals.

 Forget about having to lift those heavy, bulky and awkward boxes.

 Relocate furniture with peace-of-mind when relocating premises.

 Focus your valuable time back onto other personal priorities that need your attention.

 Wait no longer for that 'someone else' to do it for you.




I arranged with Chester Flatpack to assist me in putting together a flat pack free standing kitchen.
They were extremely helpful in working with me to put together a list of exactly what I needed and organised the installation within two days.The tradesperson who put the kitchen together was skilled, professional and pleasant explaining everything that he was doing. The organisation and communication was great the cost reasonable and the workmanship professional. I would use this company again and recommend it to anyone needing an efficient and professional job done. Gail.


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November 2013

Chester Flatpack prides itself as being one of  IKEA's preferred flatpack furniture assembly service provider sincer 2008.

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