We are well know in Chester for flat-packed furniture assembly service. Regardless of which retailer you purchased your flat pack furniture from, whether it be a major retailer like IKEA or ARGOS or B & Q or MrsFlatpack - Quality UK Furniture or smaller independent, why not let our friendly flat pack assembly team professionally assist you by building (or dismantling) your flat pack furniture or fitness equipment in your home, store or office at a time that best suits you.

Assembly Charges



Flat pack furniture assembly charges are based on a PER ITEM BASIS for majority of well-known furniture retailers. We require full product details including store of purchase, style name and a brief description to assist us in identifying the item. Should the total assembly cost be below our minimum fee of £15 then a minimum rounding-up factor is applied.

Where car parking is not readily available, the cost of utilising a nearby parking station or on-street metered parking may be added to the cost of your assembly charge.



We carry a variety of wall fasteners for fixing wardrobes, bookcases, cabinets, shelves, etc. to floor, wall and ceiling structures. The cost of providing this specialised service is individualy assessed and at an additional charge.



 Before requesting our services, please ensure all boxes are correctly accounted for. If protective packaging shows evidence of mishandling, tear away packaging in that region and visually inspect for any possible panel damage. Please read our TERMS OF SERVICE for more information.



We GUARANTEE the quality of our work. From time to time problems will occur and where practical, remedial action will be undertaken to rectify any problems ASAP. If we damage your furniture and cannot make an agreeable repair we will replace the damaged part.



Currently we offer a full service for the Chester and surrounding areas.



Relax whilst your new furniture is being assembled with utmost care.

Avoid frustration of interpreting and understanding complicated instruction manuals.

 Forget about having to lift those heavy, bulky and awkward boxes.

 Relocate furniture with peace-of-mind when relocating premises.

 Focus your valuable time back onto other personal priorities that need your attention.

 Wait no longer for that 'someone else' to do it for you.


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Lines Open 7-Days

8.30am to 5.30pm   By Appointment

Contact us on (01244) 328 095

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Our Core Business

We specialise in IKEA, ARGOS, TESCO, HOWDENS and B & Q assembly, flatpack kitchen installations, laminate and timber flooring, fitness equipment and other miscellaneous handyman services.

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Latest News

November 2013

Chester Flatpack prides itself as being one of  IKEA's preferred flatpack furniture assembly service provider sincer 2008.

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